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Notification of Review 2023/24
Safeguarding Statement 2023/24
Risk Assessment Doc. 2023/24
Safeguarding Checklist 2023/24

New Child Protection Guidelines for Schools

A circular, 36/2023, has been issued in relation to Child Protection in September 2023. Under Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017.
1. This document must be adopted in its entirety by the Board and by all school personnel in their interactions with children.

2. All fully qualified teachers, registered with the Teaching Council are now Mandated Persons and are obliged to report any Child Protection Concerns they have with the assistance of the DLP or Deputy DLP to Túsla using standard reporting forms.

3. All teachers are designated Mandated Persons under the Children First Act 2015. Mandated persons have two main legal obligations under the Children First Act 2015. These are:
A.  To report the harm of children above a defined threshold to Tusla;
B.  To assist Tusla, if requested, in assessing a concern which has been the subject of a mandated report

4. Under the new DES Child Protection Procedures 2017, the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) or Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP) remains the first point of contact for all allegations or suspicions of child abuse in the school. At each board of management meeting, the principal’s report to the board shall include a Child Protection Oversight Report containing information under 4 headings as follows:
I.Allegations of abuse made against a member of the School Staff since the last BoM meeting.
II.Other child protection concerns in respect of pupils in the school (i.e. concerns that do not involve any allegation of abuse against a member of the School Staff)
III.Child protection concerns arising from alleged bullying behaviour amongst pupils and
IV.Summary data in respect of reporting

5. Risk Assessment: The Act requires all BoMs to carry out a Risk Assessment in preparation for the drafting of a Child Safeguarding Statement. This assessment outlines and highlights the potential for harm to children while in the school. It should be noted that risk in this context is the risk of abuse and not general health and safety risk.
6. With the Risk Assessment completed, the BoM has also issued an updated Child Safeguarding Statement. The BoM has fully endorsed and ratified the Statement provided by the DES. These key documents are also on display prominently on the notice board just inside the main entrance of the school. 

You can view these documents here:

Safeguarding Statement 2023/24
Risk Assessment Doc. 2023/24
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